The Aldemar Resorts Group aspires to set new standards and to establish itself as a model company for the European and international hospitality industry in energy conservation.

We are constantly working to improve the environmental performance of our units by focusing on areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, waste minimisation and sustainable procurement.

We have established measurable and constantly monitored objectives in all functions of our operations for energy and water consumption and waste management. These are reviewed annually to improve the daily operation of our hotels and to establish and maintain clear conservation goals.

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Energy resource management

To reduce our footprint, we have installed energy management systems for monitoring and optimising our performance.

In recent years, we have reduced oil and gas consumption and increased our use of greener energy sources.

We use LED lamps almost exclusively in our lighting facilities.

All of our new and renovated buildings have thermal insulation.

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Building energy management system (BMS)

The BMS is a control system that monitors and controls the electromechanical systems in all our buildings. All our lighting operations are monitored through the BMS.

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Solar panels

In 1999, we implemented an energy-saving programme by installing solar panels in our resorts in Crete. The programme was later extended to include our resort in Peloponnese.

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Heat pumps

Each Aldemar hotel uses energy-efficient heat pumps for its operational energy needs.

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Sustainable water management practices

Water meters are placed at key points to monitor consumption per function. This adds the following benefits:

Systematic monitoring of network failures to detect potential water leaks

Consumption monitoring through the BMS system

Installation of mechanisms to limit water flow in showers, sinks and cisterns

Water reuse for irrigation according to the approved environmental operating conditions of the hotels

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Chemical usage

We carefully monitor the use of chemicals in all our properties, replacing most of them with ecologically conscious alternatives.

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Waste management and recycling

Since its inception, the Aldemar Resorts Group has served as an ambassador for circular economy and the practice of sustainable waste management.

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The Aldemar Resorts Group campaign

In 2018, we piloted the #NoStrawsChallenge campaign. Our mascot is the sea turtle, an animal highly threatened by single-use plastic. This initiative has been embraced by a great number of our guests, and we hope that it will inspire more people to go ‘no straw’.

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The Aldemar Academy Initiative

Each year, Aldemar welcomes students to the Aldemar Olympian Village Resort in western Peloponnese to observe and learn the intricacies of the hospitality and tourism industry from the inside. Since the beginning of this Aldemar Academy initiative, more than 1000 participants have attended and shared insights on entrepreneurship innovation, the power of synergy between the public and private sectors, and career opportunities. The Academy is supported by senior business executives who share their professional experiences and present case studies that demonstrate their involvement in the sustainable growth of the tourism hospitality industry in Greece.



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