Pioneers in sustainable luxury hospitality in Greece SUSTAINABILITY

Aldemar Resorts Group has been committed to sustainability practices for over three decades. Our forward-thinking mindset over the past decades has positioned us as a pioneer of sustainable luxury hospitality in Greece. Through our Care Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we give back to the local community, our people, our culture and our land. We seek to maximise social and economic benefits for the communities where we operate, while also responsibly managing our environmental impact and fulfilling our social commitments within our operations.

Our commitment to meeting the individual requirements of every environment in which we operate enables us to set distinct goals for our hotels and to direct our efforts towards achieving the pinnacle of performance and sustainability.

Corporate responsibility values are deeply rooted in the Aldemar Resorts culture, and our sustainability practices are a primary consideration in our group’s every decision. Since its inception, Aldemar Resorts has invested in renewable energy sources, managed natural resources responsibly, provided employees with constant training and supported charities that positively impact the local environment and communities.

We engage our guests and the community in health and wellness activities and encourage them to ‘Eat Local, Eat Fresh, Eat Seasonal’. We reduce food waste and continue to eliminate single-use plastic throughout our resorts. Furthermore, many of our pools rely solely on seawater.

This holistic approach to sustainability demonstrates that Aldemar Resorts, at the very core of its operations, values the planet and people, while providing outstanding hospitality services, facilities and experiences.

Find more about our sustainability practices here.

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