Top 5 fun indoor activities for kids by Aldemar Resorts & free printable

Aldemar Resorts are much more than children-friendly! Kids here are the stars of the family vacations! We offer to our young guests daily fun activities and Mini Clubs to keep them entertained and amused, in a safe and controlled environment and in the care of trained professionals. So trust us, we know how to entertain them and we are here for the rescue!

We have gathered our top 5 activities to do with your kids while at home and we are more than willing to share them with you!

Are you ready for the countdown?

Grow lentils
Now that you are at home it’s a great opportunity for the kids to plant lentils and watch them grow. It’s easy and fast. It takes around 15 days to see them sprout.

You’ll need a bowl, some cotton and few lentils. Put the cotton in the bowl, place the lentils on top and water them. Kids will have to water them regularly and experience the satisfaction of watching their own lentils grow.

Build an Obstacle Course
Kids are full of energy and while staying at home they can’t burn it off easily. So building an obstacle course with things that you already have around the house is the solution!

Create the route with things that you already have in house. A tunnel out of chairs and blankets that kids will crawl under, walk on a ribbon that it’s just placed on the floor while balancing a book on their heads, jump into and out of a Hula-Hoop 6 times, cross the hallway while on a jumping ball are just some ideas!

Make sure you time how long it takes your kids to do the course. If you have more than one kid they’ll compete who did it faster and if you have one you can simply say “Great! Do you think you can beat your time?”

Little chemists
Are you ready for some kitchen chemistry? Let us give you the recipe for the color changing milk experiment! Gather the ingredients and let the magic begin!


- Some whole milk
– a shallow dish
– food coloring (red, yellow, green, blue)
– cotton buds (Q-tips)
– dish soap


-Pour some milk in the shallow dish.
-Add a few drops of food coloring
-Place a drop of liquid dish soap on the cotton bud. Place the soapy end of the cotton bud in the middle of the milk and hold it for 10 seconds.

And now look what is going to happen! Tada! The food coloring begins to swirl and move around the plate!

Indoor treasure hunting
Young explorers are on a mission, to find the lost treasure!

Write the scenario:
A pirate sent by mistake a letter where he shares the secret of his treasure? A page from a princess diary where she wrote about her treasure? Choose what you wish according to your kids likes and write a simple letter to introduce them to the story.

First and most important step, find a nice hideout for the treasure. It can be a toy or a treat or if you are ready to do the extra mile put various staff in a shoe box and wrap it.

Then create the clues, think wisely, the more clues the merrier! Try to create clues that require some thinking and try to make them fun, like 2 line poems. It doesn’t have to be great poetry, don’t worry. You don’t have to describe difficult objects it can be their helmet or their scooter or just the shower. “Roses are red, violets are blue, find the next hint where you shampoo”

Hide them in places where they won’t be easily found, under a chair, behind a door to make it more tricky.

Make sure that one clue leads to another and distribute them around the house.

Hand them the letter or just the first clue and get out of their way!!! Let the adventure begin!

Organize an art exhibition!

Coloring is an activity that we associate with kids. Growing older we put aside our crayons but lately researches have shown that coloring has beneficial effects both for adults and kids. It helps us destress, it stimulates creative thinking it improves focus and hand to eye coordination and these are just few of the benefits!

Are you ready to boost yours & your kids’ creativity? Print the free Aldemar coloring pages that you can find here and will let your mind travel to your summer vacations. Take your colors and indulge in a family coloring session. Share with each other your best summer vacation memories and what you want to do this summer. Then hang them on a wall and admire your artworks. And don’t forget to share with us your artworks!

Click HERE to see Kids Drawings

Did you find helpful our ideas? Do you have more ideas to share with the other parents? Feel free to share them under our facebook post and of course we can’t wait to see pictures while enjoying these activities!


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