In Greece, the first day of May, “Protomagia”, is a national holiday which history wise is dedicated to the achievements of workers that led to the legal establishment of the 8 hour workday. However, Greeks have one more reason to celebrate this day; they celebrate Spring and the rebirth of nature!

May is the last month of Spring and took its name from the ancient nymph Maia, the prettiest among Pleiades (a group of 7 nymphs). Since the ancient times, May has been the month of joy and an opportunity for people to worship the revival of Mother Nature!

Nowadays, Greeks celebrate on the first day of May the revival of nature by creating colorful wildflower wreaths. They hang them on their door as an invitation for Spring to come into their homes and bring happiness. Therefore, on “Protomagia” you will see people going closer to nature, enjoying a picnic on the countryside or simply walking around collecting flowers for their wreaths. One of the reasons that make this day so special is that it gives people the opportunity, and especially city people, to take a break from their stressful life and reconnect with nature.

But let’s talk about the tradition and the meanings behind! Flower wreaths symbolize the rebirth of nature and life and are supposed to protect the houses and their inhabitants. They bring health and happiness and their circular shape represents eternity.

The tradition says that the flower wreath has to stay on the door of the house until the day of St. John the Harvester (June 24th) when all the wreaths of the neighborhood are collected and burnt in a big fire, which represents the fire of the Saint. Although the tradition of burning the wreaths is not very common nowadays, you might still witness it in some areas of Greece.

Are you ready to embark on this tribute to nature? Set your mind free, give yourself some quality time, go closer to nature and join this colorful tradition by creating your own handmade flower wreath! Hang it on your door and let the sunshine in!

Happy May 1st!


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