Aldemar Resorts Group celebrates International Women’s Day and participates in the global #ChoosetoChallenge campaign. We embrace the philosophy, the standards and the principles of the United Nations and on Women’s Day, March 8th, we put the spotlight on women!

As the first company in the hospitality industry to sign the Charter of Diversity in Greece, the Aldemar Resorts Group takes action in favor of equality, diversity and integration.

For the Aldemar Resorts Group, gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also a necessary foundation for a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world. By providing women with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and equal representation in political and economic decision making processes, we strengthen sustainable economies, providing benefits to societies and to humanity as a whole.

We actively support the UN Objective No.5 concerning gender equality and with the percentage of women occupying 53% of all its employees, the Aldemar Resorts Group emphasizes the empowerment of women, having integrated into its operation specific policies and initiatives, such as: maternity support, career advancement and the promotion of women to leadership positions.

Aldemar Resorts Group is a socially responsible company that includes in its strategy, philosophy and daily operation and management the basic principles of social responsibility, both in its ethical, social and environmental aspects, as well as in its relationship with its employees. Thus, the full compliance of the company with the current legislation, comes as a natural consequence of its philosophy.

Let us all choose the challenge of a better world. Let’s all choose to challenge!

The photo was taken by some of the women of the Aldemar Resorts Group, and specifically (in alphabetical order):

- Giannaraki Chrysoula – Rooms Division & Assistant Manager, Crete (Knossos Royal)
- Giannopoulou Effi – Director of Procurement, Athens
- Gouverou Vasiliki – Accounting Manager, Pyrgos
- Gouverou Ioulia – TD Manager, Pyrgos
- Kalliontzi Mandy – Commercial Director, Athens
- Kapsokefalou Elena – Hotel Manager, Crete (Cretan Village)
- Mastronikola Maria – PR & CSR Executive, Athens
- Pagomenou Giota – F&B Manager, Crete (Knossos Royal)
- Panagiotopoulou Vasiliki – Housekeeping Manager, Pyrgos
- Saklabanaki Eleni – Accounting, Crete
- Sfakianaki Despina – Assistant to Commercial Director, Crete
- Vasiliadou Christiana – Rooms Division Manager, Pyrgos
- Zagli Maria – Payroll Manager, Pyrgos
- Zabetaki Rena – Accounting Assistant, Crete


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