With a bronze award in corporate responsibility, the Aldemar Group wins a first in the Greek tourist sector

With a bronze award in corporate responsibility, the Aldemar Group wins a first in the Greek tourist sector. Aldemar Hotels & Spa has become the first Greek tourist enterprise to be included in the 17 most socially responsible enterprises in Greece, following assessment by the Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index) and the CR Institute. At an official event held at the Athens Hilton on 6 April 2011, in the presence of representatives from the political and business world, the Group was awarded the CRI Bronze for its MARE VERDE programme. MARE VERDE: The Aldemar Group’s CSR programme. 11 years ago, long before the corporate social responsibility concept became «legalized» in business narrative and practice in Greece, the Aldemar Group constructed one of the largest solar fields in Europe, set up the first blood bank in the tourist sector and began to create a series of systematic actions that opened up the road to awareness for many enterprises. In this way and originating from the philosophy that business activity can only be developed and created through a symbiotic relationship with the environment and human existence, MARE VERDE was formed: a modern CSR programme which, till today, continues to expand and intensify its actions.


STATEMENT by Alexander Angelopoulos, Executive Director of the Aldemar Group

«Enterprises are being called upon today to take on the roles which in the past we expected from the state. The relationship with the state though is neither one of dependence nor obsession on the part of business initiative which respects professional and moral values. Society and the economy have great expectations from businesses which in collaboration with the workers and focusing on the environment and on Man, can lead us to a better tomorrow. I thank the Institute that gave us the opportunity to probe deeper into issues that matter today. To see the true face of the Aldemar Hotels. This award is just an awakening and an acceptance of greater responsibility»



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