Wine tasting experience at Aldemar Royal Mare

On Wednesday, July 22, we hosted a lovely wine-tasting event at Aldemar Royal Mare. As part of our never ending quest to improve our services while simultaneously deepening our cooperation with local producers, we had invited Paterianaki Vinyards to present their current wines. Representatives from the wine-maker showed off the Paternianaki Estate and its organic vintages which were very well received indeed.
paterianakis aldemar royal mare
Several wine lovers in the hotel, both guests and staff, had the chance to sample local wines made with venerable and venerated Greek and Cretan varietals, such as Asyrtiko, Moshato Spinas, and Vidiano, under the expert guidance of the vintners themselves.
The tasting was followed by experiments in pairing the Paternianaki wines with dishes from our restaurants with the aim of improving the harmony between the food and the wine we offer. This was especially apt as the event was hosted in the conference hall Harmonia and completely in accord with our commitment both to our guests and to our location in Hersonissos on Crete.
aldemar royal mare wine tasting
Events such as this, that tie together the tourism industry with the locality, the guest with the land, wine with food, are of course interesting and fun. More importantly though they show the way forward in creating synergies that bring together Greece’s lovely landscapes, ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and bountiful produce with the people who create things and make it work.
We would like to congratulate the Paternianaki Estate for a delightful event, highly enjoyed by all who participated, and we look forward to ever closer cooperation with them in our joint pursuit of excellence.



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