Aldemar Resorts celebrate International Women’s Day and put women in the spotlight, as they deserve it.

We embrace the vision, standards and principles of the United Nations and we became the first Greek company in the hospitality industry to sign the Charter of Diversity. We take the initiative in favor of equality, diversity and integration aligned to 5th Sustainable Development Goal which refers to Gender Equality.



Women’s empowerment is Society’s Empowerment!

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021, another generation of women will have to wait for gender parity for 135 years!

Changing the norms and stereotypes about women’s abilities and skills that govern society is a vital path for Aldemar’s strategy according to our values. We take action in the key areas of respecting rights, building skills and creating opportunities by proceeding with our efforts on women in leadership, equal pay and the gender pay gap. The percentage of women occupying has risen to 51% (data from Aldemar Olympian Village) of all employees, a number that emphasizes the empowerment of women. The company has integrated into its operation specific policies and initiatives, such as maternity support, career advancement and the promotion of women to leadership positions. As a responsible company, Aldemar Resorts Group fully complies with the current legislation, which comes as a natural consequence of its philosophy.

Our vision includes a world in which every girl and woman would live the life she desires unconstrained by the patriarchal social and institutional structures.

We #Celebrate Women’s Day every day!


Here is what some employees have to say about Aldemar Resorts.

Mandy Kalliontzi, Commercial Director, 24 years in Aldemar Resorts

“My position in the company is both a challenge and a great responsibility. The daily development and knowledge I receive from people of different cultures, who visit our country in general and the Group’s hotels in particular, is the challenge for me. The greatest responsibility is the commitment to be part of and at the same time a key link in the hospitality economy, offering our guests the services they dream of”.



Despina Sfakianaki, Commercial Manager, 13 years in Aldemar Resorts

“I bow to the women who courageously fought for what I consider today to be obvious and given.

I hope women will be treated equally, without discrimination, in all societies of the world one day really soon”.





Elena Kapsokefalou, Hotel Manager Aldemar Knossos Royal, 25 years in Aldemar Resorts

“In a company that honors and actively supports the female gender, it is a great satisfaction and honor to take on such an important position. The biggest challenge for the modern woman is to maintain balance in all the roles she is asked to embrace. I am grateful to have the opportunity and at the same time the possibility to cover all these roles!”.



Sofia Dede, Reservations Manager, 10 years in Aldemar Resorts

“I have been working for the company for 10 years. I borrow the title of Theodoros Angelopoulos’ film…as if “an eternity and a day” has passed. My thoughts and feelings are accurately described by my favorite quote, by the writer Maxim Gorky, “When work is joy, life is good. When work is a duty, life is slavery”. As an employee of the Aldemar Group, life is good and full of opportunities for development”.



Maria Mastronikola, PR & CSR Executive, 8 years in Aldemar Resorts

“Through my journey at Aldemar Resorts, I have gained a new perspective on my personal challenges and beliefs. I feel blessed and grateful to be in a company that has been instrumental in my development, constantly motivating me to continue my professional journey more vigorously by discovering new paths and perspectives”.




Xanthi Tatari, Internal Audit Manager, 23 years in Aldemar Resorts

“My career in the Aldemar Group can be accompanied by a variety of emotions, and it translates into sincerity and respect both for the environment in which I find myself and for my colleagues. My dedication and commitment to the objectives, both corporate and personal, are the ingredients for my consolidation as an Internal Audit Manager. Endless energy and perseverance are the most important elements for a path to success!”.



Konstantina Kagiabaki, Spa Manager, 20 years in Aldemar Resorts

“I started my career at the company from a lower position at the spa center, which gave me the opportunity to know everything that is important for its operation. Creating a climate of mutual cooperation, trust and understanding are key factors for me, which contribute to the proper function and the achievement of our goals”.



Andriani Zacharopoulou, Front Office Manager, 7 years in Aldemar Resorts

“I have been part of the Aldemar Resorts Group since 2015, taking up the position of Front Office Manager in 2019. I feel lucky and grateful to be part of a company that encourages my creativity and develops my skills. It is an inspiration for me to keep evolving in such a working environment”.





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