Water sports around Rhodes

Why do people love the sea? The answer is easy, yet expansive: it’s the mysteries it hides, it’s the fear and respect it instills, it’s the beauty that can be found both in it and next to it. For centuries people have been trying to tame it, befriend it, exploit it, use it, enjoy it. In our times, for people who want to come close to the sea, swimming is not enough. For holidaymakers with a sense of adventure water sports is what brings them closer to the sea, the activity that connects them the most with the water.


Rhodes offers plenty of opportunities to those who want more out of their vacations, since water sports there are abundant and varied. Kallithea and Faliraki, especially, the beaches close to Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village, are ideal for everyone who is fond of water sports. However, the entire island is full of places to practice your skills.


The western side of the island is a lot more windy than the eastern, but windsurfing at Rhodes is ubiquitous. Ialysos and Faliraki are probably the best places to do that (the first in the west the second in the east), but you’ll be able to ride the waves in beaches around the island.

windsuring in rhodes

Windsurfing in Rhodes Photo © windsurfersworld

Jet ski

Is mechanical assistance acceptable in water sports? It doesn’t really matter, because jet skis are fun! Beaches all over the island will rent you the necessary equipment, namely the jet ski, so you can have the time of your lives. Tsambika and Faliraki, the latter close to Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village, are our two favorite spots for that.

jetski in rhodes


Scuba diving

The depths of the sea around Rhodes are inviting, inspiring, amazing. Dive near Lindos to see ancient ruins, dive in Kallithea to see the life beneath the waves, but also some very interesting caves. Prefer the eastern side for a calmer experience, as you don’t want to be fighting the weather.

scuba diving in kalithea caves

Scuba diving in Kalithea caves  Photo © Waterhoopers


For the adventurous among the holidaymakers: kitesurfing is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth the effort to teach yourself how to fly above the waves, how to use them as a springboard for amazing jumps, how to combine the air and the water for the ultimate experience. Found at Kremasti, Theologos and elsewhere.

kitesurfing in rhodes

Bananas, tubes, SUP

There are water sports that need no training, no extra equipment of your own. Businesses at various beaches in Rhodes will rent you everything you need for some pure, unadulterated fun. Whether you use paddles or a speedboat, we can guarantee your enjoyment.

sup in rhodes

SUP in Rhodes. Photo © Surfersparadise.gr



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