The Nemouta Waterfalls of Ilia – A hidden paradise

Nemouta is a quiet little idyllic village in the mountains of the Ilia prefecture, quite close to Aldermar Olympian Village and Aldemar Royal Olympian. There is an abundance of beauty in the mountains of Peloponnese, especially in its western side, where Ilia is, and Nemouta, as well as the nature surrounding it is a prime example of exactly that. While they are not yet world famous, the Nemouta waterfalls are an amazing sight that cannot be missed during your stay at Aldermar Olympian Village and Aldemar Royal Olympian.

Nemouda waterfall

One of the many waterfalls in Nemouda

The hotel itself organizes short trips to Nemouta Waterfalls, so all you have to do is express your interest and you will soon find yourselves on the road to one of the most magnificent places you have ever found yourselves in: a river with crystal clear waters, unlikely rock formations covered in moss, tall and imposing trees, hanging vines that add mystery to the scene and, in the midst of all these, several impressive waterfalls that will take your breath away.

Swimming at Nemouda close to Olympia

Visitors of Nemouda take a refreshing swim at its clear water

If you don’t want to go straight to the waterfalls, then your base of operations could be the village itself. But do not idle there; there are several waterfalls along the way and if you want to witness nature in all its glory then you should get a head start and set off early in the day. There are multiple waterfalls to visit and there is the beautiful Haratsari gorge, whose stream forms the waterfalls, to hike at – it is not accessible everywhere and it might tire you, but if you feel up to it, it is definitely worth your while.

Swimming at Nemouda close to Olympia

Visitors of Nemouda take a refreshing swim at its clear water

If you feel like exploring, there are many surprises waiting for you along the way: secret caves behind some of the Nemouta waterfalls, green paradises at the bottom of the gorge, tall rocks kissing high above your heads, like a scene from a movie. There are sacrifices to be made if one wants to see all these wonders; it is tiring, but very rewarding. One should say, however, that the trips to Nemouta organized by Aldermar Olympian Village and Aldemar Royal Olympian more than suffice to satisfy your need to come into contact with nature, to see it in all its magnificence.
They say that there are two types of vacations: the relaxing ones, on one hand, and the exciting ones, on the other. Many destinations can offer both, depending on how you approach your stay there, and Nemouta is among them. Include it in your itinerary and see.




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