The local dishes of Rhodes – rare delicacies for a rare island

What place doesn’t have its own recipes, developed after generations of home cooking? Rhodes, this magnificent island of the Aegean that attracts many thousands of visitors every year, could not be any different; especially since Rhodes has known many masters throughout the centuries, has had a wide variety of influences from ancient Greeks to Romans to medieval knights to Ottomans to Italians and then back to Greeks. All these people and mentalities have definitely left their mark on the island and this is obvious in the traditional recipes of Rhodes, among which some are original and some are variations of popular recipes of the Mediterranean.

Of course, since Rhodes is a very organized island regarding tourism and caters to international visitors, tending to their every need, like the all-inclusive hotels Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village do, you might need to do a bit of searching for places that serve traditional dishes of Rhodes or fuse together flavors from western and Greek cuisine. We have compiled here a short list with recipes that we suggest you look for as you travel the island.

Pitaroudia with tomatoes and onions

Imagine meatballs without meat. Just Greek, red, juicy tomatoes, and onions and various herbs found on the island. Add some flour, give them shape and put them in the pan. So simple and yet so delicious. You may find it with chick-peas as well.

pitaroudia food from rhodes

Pitaroudia from Rhodes. Photo CC

Stuffed lamb with lemon sauce

This is mostly a recipe for Easter and a whole lamb is stuffed with rice, raisins and various herbs and roasted in lemon sauce. It is served with baked potatoes. We’re certain that good restaurants in Rhodes don’t wait till Easter to cook this magnificent recipe.

stuffed lamb with lemon sauce from Rhodes

Stuffed lamb with lemon sauce from Rhodes. Photo CC


Every place has its own pasta, koulourea is Rhodes’. Flour, water and salt to make the pasta, boil it well, with lots of cheese. What can go wrong? It is usually served in weddings, but if you go to small village taverns, you might be able to find it.

koulourea pasta from rhodes

Koulourea is a Rodia type of pasta


You wouldn’t expect islands with such a warm climate to have soup in their menu, but Tsouvras is a very light, yet filling recipe. Olive oil, rice, tomatoes and onions. It’s all you need, really.

tsouvras soup from Rhodes

Tsouvras soup from Rhodes. Photo CC Fooddrinkpage blog


Replace meat with octopus and you have a magnificent local recipe. Octopus is delicious in any form and this one is no different. Enjoy with ouzo.

Octopus balls from Rhodes

Octopus balls from Rhodes. Photo CC



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