The Best Attractions in Crete

If you’re thinking of a particular type of vacation, then it’s quite possible that Crete can offer that. Picturesque, beautiful towns to walk around and have endless amounts of fun, ancient sites that have stood in place for millennia, unique nature trails that will take you far away from civilization, amazing beaches that look and feel – and effectively are – tropical, all of these and a lot more can be found in Crete near Aldemar Royal Mare, Aldemar Knossos RoyalAldemar Knossos Villas and Aldemar Cretan Village or a bit farther away. If you feel like exploring, or getting in touch with history or just partying all night long, then Crete is the island for you.

It is impossible to include an exhaustive list of all the attractions that you can find in Crete, but here are some of the highlights:

Beaches and Natural Beauty

Samaria gorge: Europe has rarely seen a more beautiful gorge than Samaria. Relatively easy to walk, though it may take a long time, Samaria gorge is a top destination among travelers who are looking for something extra in their vacation.

samaria gorge

View of Samaria Gorge. Photo CC by Flickr @shepard

Vai beach: As close to the tropics as you can get in Europe. Vai, in the east, is surrounded by a forest of palm-trees, its sands are golden and thin, the waters crystal clear. It is one of the most popular beaches in Greece for a reason.

the vai beach in Crete

A deserted Vai beach, Crete. Photo CC Flickr @27718315@N02

Amari valley: It is what the name says. A valley among the mountains. Lots of trees, lots of pastures, an idyllic place to spend the day. It is situated in the middle of the island, between Heraklion and Rethymnon.

Olive Grove In Amari Valley

Olive Grove In Amari Valley. Photo CC Flickr @miguelvirkkunen

Elafonissi: This beach probably is most visitors’ favorite spot on the island. Its amazing beauty is only surpassed by how serene it can be there. It’s in the southwest of Crete and it might take you a bit of time to get there.

the elafonisi beach in crete

Elafonisi is one of the most favorite spots on the island due to it’s amazing beauty and pink color beach. Photo CC Flickr @miguelvirkkunen

Ancient and medieval cities and sites

Knossos: King Minos’ home is probably the queen of all ancient cities in Greece. Illustrious, mysterious, the starting point of a whole civilization. Near Heraklion; it cannot be missed.

knossos palace in crete

Knossos was the starting point of the Minoan civilization and where the Minotaur’s myth lived. Photo CC Flickr @skuds

Spinalonga: It’s an island outside Elounda, in the east. It used to be a place where nobody wanted to go, as it was a leper colony. Now it’s a site heavy with history, very popular, but not for the faint of heart.

Spinalonga island

A visit at Spinalonga island is a trip to the past. Photo CC by Flickr @krolchatina

Phaistos: Phaistos, in central Crete and towards the south, is, let us say, number two to Knossos’ number one. It has given us, though, one of the most important and famous artifacts of the Minoan period, the notorious Phaistos Disc, seen in the Archaeological Museum of

phaistos archeological sight in crete

Phaistos is another very interesting archaeological sight to be visited. Photo CC @sarah_c_murray







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