Some words about Hersonissos

map crece Johnsto 1861 Hersonissos is a popular tourism destination on the north coast of Crete, some 25 km east of Heraklion. Once the small, sleepy and picturesque port of Ano Hersonissos, now Palea Hersonissos, the little seaside village became one of the largest resorts on Crete. It began its meteoric rise in the 1960s and now welcomes many thousands of tourists from around the world.

hersonisos village

Hersonissos village Photo

Among the attractions of Hersonissos are Crete’s only golf course, the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum (a recreated traditional Cretan village), Aquaworld, a small local aquarium hosting many rescued animals, the larger CretAquarium in nearby Gournes, a pair of Water Parks, beautiful and busy beaches, a plethora of tavernas and restaurants, luxury hotels, and a vibrant nightlife with a multitude of bars and nightclubs. While there is not much visible evidence of Crete’s long and illustrious history left in Hersonissos itself, though the remains of the Roman port are still occasionally visible around the present-day marina and a Roman fountain survives on the coastal street, the town is an ideal springboard for excursions to the rest of the island. The magnificent Minoan palace at Knossos is closest but the rest of Crete also beckons.

minoan frescoes

Spring minoan frescoe

inside palace

Inner view of the palace

minoan palace

Minoan palace

Come to Hersonissos for the sea, sun and nightlife, stay for wonder that is Crete.



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