Motto: Work more, criticize less


The successful growth of a company is a direct result of its valued employees. Their dedication and commitment serve as a vital link in the operation chain. Such a case is Xanthi Tatari, who has been a member of the Aldemar team for 22 years and we keep counting! Xanthi started as a Cashier – Auditor and her skills, positivity and passion became essential for the team’s day to day operation! Let’s read her thoughts about her experience in Aldemar Resorts.


  • How does it feel to be part of the Aldemar Resorts’ team?

Personally, I believe that being part of Aldemar Resorts is a unique experience. It’s a continuous journey towards personal and collective growth and success and this is the most important purpose a workplace should encourage.


  • Which part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Actually, I enjoy and appreciate all aspects of my work. I feel that everything single thing has something to teach me, so I value my daily routine because it has formed me as a professional.


  • What’s a work related story which is engraved in your memory and you will always remember?

The memory I always have top of my mind is the day when it was announced to me that I had landed the job in the first place. It was on the 1st of April and I had doubts to believe it because of April’s fool day! After so many years, that day is still very vivid in my memory and it’s very special for me as it determined the beginning of my career.