Motto: Live Life – Love Life




Mandy Kalliontzi is Commercial Director of Aldemar Resorts, based in Athens. She has been a member of the Aldemar family for 22 years and keeps going strong.

Mandy’s successful performance and professional development took her from an entry level position in the Sales and Marketing department to the key position of Commercial Director, handling some of the largest international markets.

What’s special about her, is that she brings the magic and can turn the impossible into possible!


  • How does it feel to be part of the Aldemar Team?

I feel privileged and lucky. Aldemar is a family for me.


  • Which part of your work do you enjoy the most?

All of it. From the difficult part I grow, from the easy part I breathe.


  • What’s a work related story which is engraved in your memory and you will always remember?

Trying to convince an Italian Tour Operator to start a charter operation program in Olympian Village. West Peloponnese was a totally undiscovered region for the Italians and was very difficult to convince them. It took me 8 hours of nonstop meetings with different people in the company –apart from the phone calls, sales calls during the months before. In the end I realized this ‘nonstop meeting case’ would not get us anywhere, I took my computer and I left the room telling them they want to play and I do not have time for this. I spent the whole night crying over a ‘lost contract’, because I left them and walked out of the meeting room.

Instead, I received a phone call early next day, I met them again and the Italian contract was achieved.