Motto: If you can’t avoid it, Enjoy it




George Chatzopoulos, Executive Chef of Aldemar Resorts, is a brilliant and inspiring example for all fresh starters in Aldemar, as he took his career from an early stage to soar!

George joined Aldemar Resorts in 1998 as a student and at that point he could not imagine that one day he would become a great Chef! His long-standing commitment to the company was soon recognized and a few years later he took up his appointment as Executive Chef based in Crete. Today he supervises all the buffet-restaurants of Aldemar Resorts’ six hotels.

George is a valuable member of the Aldemar family and his contribution is precious. In winter, when hotels are not in operation, he remains very active as he participates in Sympossio, Aldemar’s gastronomic project that travels Greek flavors andGreek products abroad.

Take a moment, to see what he has to say about his Aldemar journey.



  • How does it feel to be part of the Aldemar Resorts’ team?

Being a member of such a large group as Aldemar is a very beautiful feeling, which becomes more beautiful when you feel this group as a family. After so many years it feels now like a second family to me. Especially during the summer seasons, devoting most of the day to the group’s hotels, socializing with colleagues and customers, fills me with emotions. I feel that I belong to a big family that has many other small families in it –our guests- and I feel like a member of those too. This feeling is magical!



  • Which part of your work do you enjoy the most?

From my position in the company, I really enjoy going to the hotel kitchens in the summer and exchange views with our colleagues about work. We share ideas and beliefs about our profession and we try to provide solutions for better results when needed. Exploring and developing a new concept by exchanging views is one of the things that excites me the most and I really enjoy it.



  • What’s a work related story which is engraved in your memory and you will always remember?

I will never forget the moment when at the end of season 2005, I had  to go in tears to the office of Chef Agalou, he was then the Head Chef of the Aldemar Group, and announce him that I had to quit due to  family problems. I will never forget the words of this gentleman who is as a father for me… “My child, family comes first… work never ends”.

Two seasons later, my phone rang and it was Chef Agalou. There was a place for me in his team and the company as a Chef in the themed restaurants of the Royal Mare hotel. I can’t describe how happy I was. That was unbelievable and this story will never be erased from my memory.