Motto: Give your best smile… it’s for free!




It’s widely known that first impressions count and so the power of a Receptionist’s smile can make the difference! Emmanouil Kariotakis is one of the most welcoming, happy and smiling people that you will meet at Aldemar Knossos Royal, in Crete. Being in Aldemar Resorts for over 24 years, Emmanouil is the night Receptionist in Knossos Royal, the first warm smile you will meet on your arrival and the last friendly greeting when you leave. Take a moment to read what he has to share with us.


  • How does it feel to be part of the Aldemar Resorts’ team?

It feels great, Aldemar has really become my second family after so many years! All the employees are like a fist tied on a circle of success and good will!


  • Which part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Welcoming the guests with a huge smile! It’s the best way to greet them, but I also respect them because they chose Aldemar among so many other resorts!


  • What’s a work related story which is engraved in your memory and you will always remember?

  Few years ago we had a guest from India. He was a businessman based in the U.K with lots of travelling experience. Once and as he was passing by the reception, we had a short conversation. He talked about all of his impressive journeys around the world and at the end he told me: “My friend listen…I’ve been in numerous places and countries in the whole world and I can tell one thing… nothing compares with this place. Believe it or not!”