Motto: Whatever you do – do it perfect!




Passion in the workplace is a positive, inspiring force and when with passionate people like Elena Kapsokefalou, passion can be contagious. Elena has been a member of the Aldemar Family since 1997 and she is a bright example of a Senior Manager in Aldemar. Starting as an assistant receptionist, Elena soon stood out and now she holds the crucial position of Rooms Division Manager at Aldemar Royal Mare, Crete. Elena is responsible for all guests comfort and safety, she ensures that standards and quality are constantly well kept, and she takes good care of guests’ concerns.


  • How does it feel to be part of the Aldemar Resorts’ team?

I feel extremely happy and lucky because after all these years I am still creative, productive and inspired! The fact that I have the chance to learn and to develop new skills makes me realize every day that I am in the right place!


  • Which part of your work do you enjoy the most?

I love the communication with guests and with my colleagues.


  • What’s a work related story which is engraved in your memory and you will always remember?

 The most memorable encounter was with a French guest who arrived in Royal Mare for a 2-week holiday in 2009, as a single reservation.

The woman was checked in swiftly by myself and everything seemed to be perfectly fine. However, at the end of the first week she enquired to talk to me in person and during our appointment she set a very bizarre request. Although she said that there was no problem with her stay, she asked to redo with me the arrival procedure, as if she had never arrived before in our resort. She requested to check in her again in a new room, pretend that we had not met before and basically start the whole process of her holiday from the beginning… To be honest I couldn’t understand.

It turned out that the woman was terminally ill and as she was aware of it she wanted to feel once again our warm welcome and personal service. How touched and honoured she made us all feel… I will never forget this person in my entire life.