For Aldemar Resorts, Decent Work is Safe Work

All over the world, World Day for Health and Safety at Work is being celebrated, bringing the attention of the global public, companies and institutions to all those who face difficult or even dangerous working conditions.


Occupational health and safety are fundamental human rights, as set out in Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a cornerstone of the Aldemar Resorts Group Values. As the world is in an era of great changes, health and safety are a top priority for the company and our people, always with respect for human rights. For us, it is a moral responsibility to ensure safe working conditions in order to protect human dignity and, by extension, human life.


Health and safety at work in the Aldemar Resorts Group

The creation of a safe and healthy working environment is a core Principle for our Group, we not only follow the provisions of the labor laws of the countries where we operate, but we also evaluate the potential risks we may face and take the necessary measures to achieve the prevention of any accidents. In addition, we implement a number of actions for the well-being of our employees at work. Overall, occupational health, safety and wellness issues have a particularly significant impact on the sustainable development of our Group.


TABLE 2019 2020 2021
Total employees 1,100 454 864
Total injuries 4 0 8
Total occupational diseases 0 0 0
Total days of sickness 0,79% 6,71% 5,97%
Total unjustified absences 0 0 0
Total work-related deaths 0 0 0


Our reaction to Covid 19

The start of the new decade brought an unexpected global health crisis, to which our business set out to respond with determination, professional and personal care for both our guests and our staff. Our responsibility now more than ever, to our people and to society, is to ensure high quality and standards so a feeling of safety and trust are the foundations of our business’ existence. The path has been paved by our management and staff by adopting strict health, safety and prevention protocols, resulting in zero outbreaks.

For our employees, we ensured the safe operation of the business through compliance with the National Health and Safety Protocols. Regular diagnostic tests and the use of personal protective equipment in all areas were the pinnacle of the measures taken. The specialized training received by staff on health and safety also played a decisive role.


Health and safety certifications in the different departments



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