International Women’s Day

I am a woman of my word.
I used to not have voice—at least not a loud one—but now I do. I used to be deprived of opportunities: I wouldn’t have access to education, equality, freedom of religion, voting rights; choices in general. I was never thought of as being intellectual, skillful or remotely talented. I was never ever considered a prodigy. I used to have only one designated role: that of a child bearer and, in the off-chance I couldn’t bear children, that of a housewife.

Aldemar_WDay (002)As the years went by, things changed tremendously for me and my gender. It might have taken a lot of hard work, passion and perseverance, but it finally happened. The woman’s liberation movement in the 1960s changed my whole life!

Now I am a woman of the world. I have so many roles attributed to me: I am still a child bearer and a housewife, but I am also a scientist, an artist, a mechanic, a judge, an entrepreneur, an officer of the law and an astronaut. I live my life the way I choose to and I enjoy the same civil and political rights as men. I am a recognized peer in the councils of my nation and I’m entitled to just and equal treatment.

Be that as it may, I manage to keep my femininity intact and safeguard all these inner qualities that distinguish women from men. I’m still emotional, loving and compassionate.
I am still a hopeless romantic. And I am still, and always will be, interested in the way I look, trying my best to keep a beautiful exterior, be desirable and age with grace.

To go by the words of Simone de Beauvoir, “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman”.



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