Honoring the International Museum Day

The hospitality industry is inextricably linked to the monuments, cultural sites and museums of every place. Visitors tend to choose their excursion destinations based on natural attractions as well as museums and archaeological sites.


The Aldemar Resorts Group has hospitality units in two places of unparalleled beauty and importance, Skafidia in Ilia and Hersonissos in the municipality of Heraklion on the island of Crete. Guided by its Values, Aldemar Resorts Group, recognizing the major importance of the role of the museums in each region, promotes and supports these sites and locations.


Museums are a cradle of culture and the Aldemar Resorts Group understands the important role they play in modern society. Museums nowadays become vehicles for cultural exchange, enhancing education, promoting mutual understanding, and leading people to cooperation and peace.


The suggestions of the Aldemar Resorts Group for the museums in the region of Ilia, Peloponnese

  • Archaeological Museum of Olympia

The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is just a few kilometers from our Group’s hotels, Aldemar Olympian Village and Aldemar Royal Olympia, located in Skafidia Ilia. Our guests can visit it by car and admire the archaeological findings of priceless value and unparalleled beauty discovered in the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia.


  • Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity

The Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity hosts 463 ancient works of art, which come from the Sanctuary of Zeus of Olympia, but also from other museums of the Greek territory. Through the exhibits, the long history of the Olympic Games, the longest-lasting institution of antiquity, is presented.


  • Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos

A stone’s throw from the area of Skafidia and the Group’s hotels, the capital of the prefecture of Ilia is home to the Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos. The museum is housed in a magnificent neoclassical building that functioned as a Municipal Market in the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition includes 1,120 objects from all over the prefecture, which describe the history of Ilia from prehistoric to post-Byzantine times.




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