Amilia Mare


Overlooking the deep blue of the Aegean on a sandy -and private- Rhodes beach, the ‘island of sun’ is the birthplace of the magnificent Amilia Mare, an all-inclusive modern hotel with delightful cosmopolitan atmosphere. This attractive venue benefits from spacious interiors, a wide range of rooms and a superb choice of themed restaurants. At Amilia Mare, recreational activities take place day and night, and families are well-catered for, with plenty to do for little vacationers.


  • Family-Friendly
  • 10’ From Rhodes Town
  • Available Transfers For Sightseeing
  • On The Beach
  • Variety Of Restaurants & International Cuisine
  • Children Facilities & Services
  • Private Beach & Waterslide
  • Animation & Entertainment
  • Friendly Staff, Great Service
  • Conference Centre With Natural Light
  • Water Sports & Outdoor Athletic Facilities
  • Unique Gastronomic Experience