Hersonissos in Crete – Where things happen in or out of a hotel

What are you looking for on a vacation? Good weather, sun and sea, lying on the beachor slowly sipping on a cocktail, while music caresses your ears?

How about luxury hotels, such as Aldemar Royal Mare, Aldemar Knossos Royal, private villas as Aldemar Knossos Villas or an or an all-inclusive resort such as Aldemar Cretan Village, catering to your every need, even ones you didn’t know existed? Or ancient sites, lush with history? Maybe wild nightlife, one where the party never stops?

Hersonissos in Crete will give all that to you. It will give you more than that, as long as you make sure to make the best of your stay there.


Having a reputation of being one of the top summer destinations in Europe is not easy to uphold. But Hersonissos delivers and meets everyone’s expectations, no matter what their tastes and preferences. Situated near Heraklion – which means that access to it is all too easy – Hersonissos welcomes thousands of visitors every year with a smile and good humor. Smile turns to laughter, which turns to dancing, which turns to the time of your life. Go to the beach in the morning, or early afternoon, depending on when you want to wake up, visit the beach bars, eat at Hersonissos’ wonderful restaurants, party your worries away at night and the cycle will begin anew the next day. This doesn’t mean that relaxation isn’t an option. Aldemar Resorts is an expert at making you feel refreshed and rested, despite your taking full advantage of what Hersonissos has to offer. May we also suggest a change of pace by visiting the aquarium?

hersonisos village

Hersonissos village Photo credit:protothema.gr

Hersonissos has not always been the vacation destination that it is now. With a history dating back to the Minoan years – it’s no accident that Knossos, a must-see ancient site thousands of years old, is so close – and with it being of major importance in the Roman and Byzantine years, modern Hersonissos continues the tradition of allowing travelers to live the dream.

Ancient palace of Knossos in Hersonissos

The ancient Minoan palace in Knossos, Hersonissos

The coast at Hersonissos is long and you’ll find many beaches, at least one of which will suit your needs. Most are organized and quite busy, such as Limanakia (which is reality is a string of smaller beaches), but there is even an option for nudists, aptly called The Naturists’ Beach. Let us also not forget the three water parks where children of all ages can frivolously enjoy themselves.

beach in front of aldemar royal mare in hersonissos

The beach in front of Aldemar Royal Mare in Hersonissos


There is no doubt that Hersonissos is popular. And there is a very good reason for that. When a place is such a perfect combination of everything you’re looking for when on vacation, then it is the most natural thing in the world for people to want to enjoy it.



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