Towards a more sustainable way of mobility

Today, on World Bicycle Day, Aldemar Resorts Group highlights the importance of non-motorized transport, setting as its foundation and primary objective the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against the climate crisis.


The bicycle is an accessible, reliable and environmentally friendly means of transport that has been used for over 200 years. It not only promotes a healthier lifestyle, but also fosters respect for the environment and ecosystems. For riders, cycling gives a sense of freedom, is fun and is good for their mental and physical health. Cycling undoubtedly also leads us towards a more sustainable future.



Cycle path at the Olympian Village and the Royal Olympian in Ilia

If cycling is a favourite habit for the Group’s guests, they don’t have to give it up on holiday. Nor is it necessary to carry their own bikes. The Group’s hotels provide guests and their families with bicycles and equipment throughout their stay. The facilities of the Olympian Village and Royal Olympian hotels are ideal for those who love bicycle rides, having been certified as bike-friendly accommodations (Bike-friendly certification) and are suitable for children, as there are no cars on the resort campus.






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