It is feasible to prolong the Cretan tourism period

Alexandros Angelopoulos, Vice President of Aldemar Resorts stated that it is feasible to prolong the Cretan tourism period into a 9 month total duration. His main argument is that the Cretan weather and the well-trained tourism personnel are ready and can support this goal. The only missing link is that all involved parties must become more practical, collaborative and realists.

aldemar knossos royal

Cause and proof, at the same time, of this statement, was the successful hosting of 320 travel agents of TEZ Group at Aldemar Knossos Royal during late November with the collaboration of Cretan Region and municipalities of Heraklion, Hersonissos and Oropedio. The resort opened and operated on a relative “dead” period where mainstream tourism activities normally shut down. A very crucial factor for the successful fulfillment of the project was the readiness and effectiveness of resort’s management and personnel.

tez group aldemar knossos royal

As Alexandros Angelopoulos concluded: “Our land is in our disposal. The question is if we are all at her disposal.”





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