In honor of the World Health Day

The UN Goal „Health & Prosperity“, the first priority of Aldemar Resorts Group

Health & well-being is the highest commodity for every human being and it is also one of the basic human rights. Every person in every corner of the globe should have access to quality health services regardless of their economic status. The third UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3) focuses on good health and well-being, areas that the Aldemar Resorts Group has high on its agenda for both guests and employees.

The hospitality industry plays a key and essential role in terms of mental and physical health. Guests choose to travel to destinations where they can experience new unique adventures, relaxation, rest and change their demanding daily routine for a while. At the same time, the foundation stone is the care of the body through both nutrition and exercise. Aldemar Resorts Group recognizes all the above needs and takes care of them.


Wellbeing program „Be in your element“

Since 2016, we realized that the term luxury has taken on a different dimension. The grueling pace of everyday life and the stress, which is responsible for a multitude of diseases and psychosomatic problems, create the need for people to get closer to Mother Nature by enjoying the tranquility she provides, to feed more properly and to find peace in the external environment as well as within themselves. We focused on all these requirements and designed a program that meets all the needs of a modern human being.



Elements All-in Dine Around and Elements All in, are holistic programs that offer the guest a complete nutritional plan based on antioxidant and nutrient-rich foods with an emphasis on pure products of nature. At the same time, we combine the therapies of our thalassotherapy centers, as well as fitness programs and exciting water activities. Through our thalassotherapy centers, we strive to make up for the lack of natural factors such as sun, seawater and fresh air by offering specialized care for both body and mind. Through relaxation and calming techniques, they provide inner balance programs that reduce the effects of stress, rejuvenate the skin and balance the functions of the human body, giving a feeling of total well-being. Absolute emphasis has been placed on the healing properties of the earth and water which is reflected in the accommodations which have been renovated to accommodate the philosophy of well-being.



Good health and prosperity to the Aldemar Resorts Team

A key principle for our Group is to create a safe and healthy working environment both through the provisions of the labor laws governing the hospitality industry and through the assessment and prevention of potential risks that we may face. In addition, we implement a series of actions for the well-being of our employees at work. Overall, occupational health, safety, and wellness issues have a particularly significant impact on the sustainable development of our Group.


Group Initiatives & Actions

Aldemar Resorts Group in times of Covid-19

The beginning of the new decade brought with it an unexpected global health crisis, to which our business set out to respond with determination, professional and personal care for both our guests and employees. Our responsibility now more than ever, to our people, our guests and society, is to ensure high quality and standards. Our management and staff have paved the way by adopting strict health measures. The Aldemar Resorts Group invested in research and specialized training to ensure that all measures of the new protocol could be implemented to the maximum and accurately. We ensured the safe operation of the business through compliance with the National Health and Safety Protocols.


The Aldemar Resorts Group Voluntary Blood Bank

The Aldemar Resorts Group Blood Bank has been in existence since 1997 and thanks to the significant and substantial contribution of employee volunteers, it has proven to be, at times, a lifeline for some of our Group’s employee families.

The Voluntary Blood Bank in numbers:


  1. Over 20 years of voluntary blood donation and practical support to families in need
  2. More than 2,000 bottles of blood
  3. Of these, over 1,000 have been given to meet needs
  4. More than 700 first and second-degree relatives of our employees have been helped




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