Operation Clean Beaches

We should like to thank all those Aldemar employees, both prominent and otherwise, who helped and supported the clean-up once again this year. Our company is one of the only Greek hotel chains where all hotels participate. The three hotels in Crete participated in the clean-up operations for the Mediterranean on 26/5/2000 with a total of 70 members of staff.

On May 2000, 120 people, the staff from Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare and employees from Kallithea Town Council, in particular from the Koskinou area, participated in a clean-up in Kallithea. The clean-up covered the area from Rhodes Avenue on the border of Kallithea right up to Kavourakia and a total area of 3.6 km of road and beach where cleared of rubbish and other objects. Small trees were also planted along Rhodes Avenue in Kallithea, and these will be cared for by hotel staff.

On Sunday 28 May the beach round the Olympian Village was cleared as part of the programme entitled „Clean-up the Med“ which is being carried out in 32 countries. Over 80 school children from the primary schools of Myrtias and Skourohorio and their parents took part in the programme. Clients of the hotel and many of the hotel staff participated in the programme as well and an exhibition of children’s painting was also held.

In the hope that the message of the „Clean Beaches“ programme has now become fully embedded in our minds, we only hope that it also becomes a part of our everyday lives!



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