Aldemar Resorts is now member of CSR Hellas

We are very honored and proud to announce the membership of Aldemar Resorts Group in the Greek Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Hellas. With more than 35 years of uninterrupted presence in the hospitality industry, the Group is continuously investing in innovative products and services, demonstrating a high level of responsibility towards its people, society and the environment.

Aldemar Resorts Group’s business philosophy is based on the fundamental values of integrity, transparency and excellence. These principles are the guiding principles that underpin all the Group’s actions, aiming to bring businesses in the industry together in a sustainable direction. By adopting the ESG criteria, a decision that comes from the management and is carried throughout the backbone of the business, the Aldemar Resorts Group continues even more vigorously on the path it has set.



Statement by Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos, CEO of Aldemar Resorts Group:

„We are going through a challenging time, with preparedness, composure and responsibility being our key strongholds. With the term ‚growth‘ being put in the fridge, ‚evolution‘ will remain and will be constantly affirmed through our ability to redefine our relationship with our fellow human beings, society and the environment. The Aldemar Resorts Group from the very beginning of its operation has made it clear and undeniable that the priority in all its actions is to take care of people, society and the environment NEXT TO US.

Recognizing these challenges for the hospitality industry, we are called upon to adopt the European Union’s sustainability guidelines and incorporate them into our management and operating models. Our partnership with CSR HELLAS is a confirmation of these commitments and an exchange of information and views, for a sustainable future“.






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