Aldemar …Takes to the Mountains

For the second year running Aldemar hotels has run its big incentive! This year our destination was kept a big secret….and almost no-one knew where it was going to take place until the very last minute.

Our destination was …the very best! It was to Zagorohoria near Ioannina, to a place called Aristi. Aristi is an exquisite traditional village in the Zagroriou area with one or two little cafes, stone houses, delicious cuisine and a special magic atmosphere decked in warm Autumn colours. In fact, many more people took part in the event this year and …..there were 70 participants in total !

This year participants were sorted into the following groups: WOLVES, LIONS, SHARKS, BULLS, RHINOCERUS, ELEPHANTS and COCKERELS! There’s nothing to worry about, it’s just that we thought that these animals best represented the qualities of Aldemar staff !

Participants from Crete, Rhodes and the Peloponnese set off in respective planes, ferries and coaches to meet at Rio…not Rio de Janeiro of course, Rio-Antirrio!!!!

The programme included a stopover for fishing at Amphilohia, a short stopover at Arta for a taste of its beauties and from then on to Aristi where the pleasant smells of the fire warmed our hearts.

When it rains in places like this, the rain transforms the landscapes ….into paintings, but in our case, the next morning saw the postponement of the construction of the «Aldemar village». We didn’t let our spirits down though…we went window shopping in Ioannina instead and visited the museums and caves ! After that we enjoyed a wonderful walk through the villages in Pagoniou and took refuge in a beautiful guest house where we were greeted by mouthwateringly tasty appetizers. After the meal, some braver participants went down into the gorge and then of course had to ….climb back up again….(no comment !!!)

And then the big day arrived….RAFTING – a real test for the spectators too !!! As we said, the stronger minded split up….into 2 groups to go down into the Voidomati. The adrenalin levels HIT THE CEILING! As you can see from the photos, everyone was well equipped with life jackets, helmets and oars (apart from those who lost theirs on the way!!!). Our newspaper camera captured exciting moments at the start of the difficult descent down the river torrents, as well as some really funny moments during different capsizings and of course, the end of the event! There was warm applause for all and we all then enjoyed a wonderful dish with cockerel for lunch!



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