Aldemar Royal Olympian Spa & Thalasso

In 1997 we brought Thalassotherapy to Greece with the creation of the Royal Mare Thalasso in Crete, one of the ten best centres in the world.

In 1999 we introduced a new tourist destination to the map, the West Pelopponese, with the Olympian Village *****.

And now, in 2004, with the creation of the Royal Olympian Spa Τhalasso at the Olympian Village *****, we are bringing a new dimension to thalassotherapy.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Royal Olympian Spa & Thalasso…

As of 20 Αugust 2004, the Centre’s group of experts invites you to partake of a new voyage into harmony, a rare mosaic of small but precious pleasures.

The Royal Olympian Spa has been equipped with a large hydrotonic pool, the AquaRoyal, and individual hydrotherapy cabins at the beauty centre, which offers face and body options for both men and women. The centre also sports a super modern gym, and a massage area with a wide range of treatments and massages such as the relaxation massage, toning, neck and back, with two hands under a fine spray, Ayurvedic (Vishesh & Abhyanga), Thai massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Treat yourself to a Turkish bath and allow yourself to be initiated into the unique pleasures of its ritual.

…and we invite you to participate in this new experience, personally created for you by  Aldemar.



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