ALDEMAR ROYAL MARE Achieves Prestigious Travelife Gold Certification

The Aldemar Royal Mare in Crete has received the internationally recommended Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations Gold Certification.

Travelife, the sustainable tourism certification system, has assessed the performance of Aldemar Royal Mare in responsibly managing its socio–economic and environmental impacts.


To gain a Travelife Gold certification, Aldemar Royal Mare has been evaluated on the basis of 150 sustainability criteria, with a review to be carried out after a period of two years. Assessment criteria are mainly divided into two large categories: 1. environmental i.e. energy conservation, wastewater treatment, recycling as well as support of various environmental causes and 2. social i.e. employee welfare programs, initiatives with local community, child protection and human rights.


“In Aldemar Resorts, we have always aspired to appreciate life, people and the environment,” says Vice President, Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos. And he continues, “We are committed in everything we do, from providing our guests with premium services all the way to looking out for ways to make a positive impact, raise awareness for things that are vital and inspire others to follow our lead. In our CSR programme, man and environment take the front seat.”



Aldemar Resorts have been successfully running for 20 years, Mare Verde; a multifaceted Corporate Social Responsibility program that endorses and sustains a harmonious rapport among the natural environment, the people, the market, the workplace and society at large. To reduce its energy footprint and become more cost-efficient, Aldemar incorporated energy conservation and management systems in the resorts’ operations made possible via novel technologies (i.e. solar energy for hot water supply, green roofs, seawater cooling systems and centrally-managed energy systems), large scale recycling and organic farm production.
Aldemar pioneers on a European level with the introduction of energy saving systems at its hotel units in Crete in the form of a series of prototype, innovative applications designed to conserve energy. Parallel to this, Aldemar is also applying a prototype programme for energy management with the recording of consumption and monthly evaluation of the respective results. The hotel group has introduced all the internal procedures required and has engaged the services of permanent consultants in order to allow the ongoing introduction of measures to improve energy management.
In overall, the measurable results of these practices were:

•            40% annual saving in electrical energy through the use of seawater cooling

•            35% annual saving in water consumption

•             85% of Aldemar Resorts’ energy needs covered by a solar panels field of 7,010m2

•             25% of fruit and vegetables needs supplied by organic farm production

•             Recycling of 4,000 light bulbs – 230 items of computer H/W – 12,000 kg of cooking oil – 419 kg of batteries – 9,000 kg of paper – 69,500 kg of glass

•             Conservation of 8 tons of recycled paper & cardboard, 1.5-2.5 tons of edible oils & fats, 90-100 organic food waste, 500 items of electric/electronic appliances, 0.5-1.00 ton of scrap batteries, etc.


For more information on the Aldemar Resorts’ sustainability achievements, see our profile page on the Travelife Collection website:

Media Enquiries to Maria Mastronikola, Public Relations Coordinator of Aldemar Resorts





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