Aldemar Resorts Supports CI-NOVATEC programme

Aldemar Resorts Supports CI-NOVATEC programme

Aldemar Resorts Group continues supporting its extrovert initiatives, one of which includes the Region of Western Greece! We are very pleased to be participating in the CI NOVATEC Pilot Program of the Region, in collaboration with University of Patras for the accumulation of qualitative data, the recording and evaluating of visitors’ experiences in Ancient Olympia!



The objective of the project is to focus on Local Tourism Clusters, which are one of the most important factors in strengthening local economies within the cross-border area and are comprised of geographically concentrated SMEs that provide services to the same customer or a group of customers, that is, the visitor, but may belong to a variety of industries such as Tourism, Creative Industries, Nutrition, Commerce, Recreation, Transportation, etc.

The other important factor influencing the visitor’s experience is Points of Interest (POIs). These can be distinguished in two main categories:

Focal Points of Interest (FPIs) are linked to the already widely recognized tourist sites (archaeological, natural, cultural, etc., and landmarks), which are promoted by tour operators and local authorities.

Pivot Points of Interest (PPIs) – related to dynamic anthropogenic activities and other products of the creative industry, such as local festivals, art exhibitions, traditional festivals, gastronomic events, and other combined activities such as sporting events and exhibitions generally.

The CI-NOVATEC project, through the implementation of an innovative methodology, will collect experience-based experience data from the visitor itself that will be used to facilitate business and political decisions in order to create added value for the local ecosystem of tourism.



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