Aldemar Resorts has prepared another surprise for its partners!

Aldemar Resorts has prepared another surprise for its partners!

New, innovative project- “Greece on a dish!” that makes its premiere this year in Minsk and Moscow! Aldemar Resorts aims to amaze yet again its partners and Celebrate life with taste!
One of the main goals of this project is to develop image and status of Greece as top destination and to create favorable conditions to increase sales in combination with the culinary culture and tradition of Greece, high level of quality of services and products.

DSC_0841Having said that, our well known, unforgettable, colorful Petros Lamprinidis– chef of Aldemar Knossos Royal, has arrived in Minsk, where together with Natalia Veber (Sales&Marketing Executive) tasty journey begins already Tomorrow!
The cooking will take place at the offices of the Travel Agencies that showed top selling results at Aldemar for previous season. The aroma of Greece is guaranteed (we have packed it in our suitcase- piece of sunny light, sea salt and citrus scent)

The first “week of taste” of the project “Greece on a dish!” will take place from 09/02 to
12/02 in Minsk, Belarus

Right after that, “Greece on a dish!” will travel to Moscow from 15/02 to 26/02.
According to the philosophy of Aldemar Resorts by promoting Greece, its products and gastronomical culture we come closer to completing the puzzle of successful and prosperfull base for tourism and other sectors( production, agriculture, services, export)

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