The Aldemar Resorts Group contributes to local employment and to the local economy in the areas where our hotels are based. We employ a local workforce and work with local producers.


Aldemar Resorts Group is committed to informing the next generation (our future and our continuity) about the concept of a productive Hospitality Economy Model where we all play an active role in a business ecosystem, and about how this model functions. We do this by; Α) the Group’s CEO, Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos, and other senior executives giving hands-on lectures in educational programmes. Β) Funding research and work in postgraduate programmes connected to real issues which concern the business and the tourism industry in general. We also monitor these programmes continuously and assist when they are being drawn up. C) We invite students to work with us for the practical aspects of their studies. D) We welcome field trips into our business so that students can clearly understand our processes and see “up close” how a large hotel group such Aldemar Resorts operates. Educational Institutions and Organisations:  Athens University of Economics and Business  University of Piraeus  BCA  Mediterranean College  Sivitanidios Public Arts and Crafts  University of the Aegean  Junior Achievement Greece  Tipping Point 100 mentors  PRAXIS Network


Our greatest success is the Aldemar Academy which we founded in 2018. The Academy hosts students so they can learn about the employment opportunities available in the Greek Hospitality economy ecosystem and about the sector’s activities. Aldemar Resorts Academy is based at Aldemar Olympian Village and is an innovative and groundbreaking undertaking as it makes use of existing hotel infrastructures and invites and hosts new students every year. In this way the students can get inside experience of everything included in the multifaceted hospitality/tourism industry and in an enterprise such as ours. As well as teaching students about how a hotel unit operates, Aldemar Academy also invites many distinguished and well-known entrepreneurs and executives of large Greek companies in other sectors to talk about their own experiences and to illustrate, with real-life examples, how they have been involved either directly or indirectly in producing the final tourist product.


The Aldemar Group organises social activities which employees volunteer to help with. This Christmas, the Aldemar Resorts Group provided Christmas Meals for both the Smile of the Child and the Ark of the World. Chefs and volunteers from the Group put on their aprons and cooked meals for the 20 children hosted at the Children’s Smile Day Care Center in Pyrgos and the 200 Children at the Ark of the World in Athens.


The Aldemar Resorts Group supports Educational programmes and NGOs by investing over € 15,000 in grants and scholarships to educational institutions and NGOs. It also offers accommodation at Aldemar Resorts as prizes in over 10 lotteries. In addition to this, Aldemar Resorts Group offers substantial help in kind in the form of foodstuffs, clothing, bedding etc. to those who are in need. Partnerships:  ΕΛΕΠΑΠ  Make a Wish  Kifissia Sea Scouts Group  Ellinoangliki Scholi  Schools in Crete and the Peloponnese  Hospitals in Crete and the Peloponnese  Social shops in Crete and the Peloponnese  Lyreio Foundation  Ark of the World  Municipalities, parishes, Fire Brigades