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Through various sensory and automation control panels and metres, all the management and supervision data for our buildings are send to easy-to-use software on a PC which allows the end-user to adjust the systems in various ways to reflect the data.


In 1999 the company took a pioneering step for the hospitality industry and installed the largest energy saving programme (solar panels) in the hotel sector in three hotels in Crete. The programme was extended to the company’s hotel buildings in the Peloponnese. It is one of the largest solar fields in Europe – making use of the free energy from the sun and managing and producing hot water for customers and restaurant areas at all times of the day.

This project is the largest, most innovative and technologically advanced installation producing hot water in Greece. It is also one of the largest installations in Europe in terms of the total surface area of the solar panel network, and the total cost of the investment has reached € 1,320,000.


  • 100% of hot water produced by renewable energy, with minimal operating and maintenance costs.
  • Most of the air conditioning is provided by high-efficiency, air-cooled and water-cooled heat pumps that are considered to be renewable energy sources.
  • 50% annual savings on water by using biological cleaning.
  • 3,200 kwt of energy is saved by using technology, this is equivalent to not burning 300 tonnes of oil.
  • 40% annual energy savings in electricity from using water-cooled air conditioning systems (saving 150,000 KWh of electricity each year per hotel).
  • 25% of fruit and vegetables come from organic production.
  • We recycle 4,000 bulbs – 230 PC components – 12,000 kg of cooking oil – 419 kg of batteries – 9,000 kg of paper – 69,500 kg of glass.
  • We save 8 tonnes of recycled paper, 1.5-2.5 tonnes of fat and oil, 90-100 organic food waste, 500 electrical / electronic parts.


Twice a year, Aldemar Resorts Group participates in voluntary beach clean-ups with the Clean Up the Med programme, with both staff and customers joining in.
We also hold other environmental and awareness-raising actions and activities in the hotels for both employees and customers.


#Rethink Plastic

» Decreased by – 11.7 % of straws (-33.000 items.)

» Decreased by – 96.8% of bottle tops (-90.100 items.)

» Decreased by – 94% of see-through tops (-69.900 items.)

» Decreased by -100% plastic drinks mixers (-9900 items.)

Benefit of € 3,257,96 per hotel


Travelife, HACCP, ISO, Green Key, Blue Flag