Natural environment and its preservation is at the centre of the Group’s CSR programme. Our commitment and objective is to constantly reduce our energy footprint, but at the same time maintain a high standard of services and customer satisfaction. The Αldemar Group has installed in all its hotel complexes state of the art systems and mechanisms for saving energy, at an investment cost of 2,700,000 Euros.


  • 7,010 sq.m. of solar panels, one of the largest solar farms in Europe meets 85% of the Group’s need for hot water
  • Mechanisms regulating water consumption for taps
  • Central electrical switches in all rooms
  • Energy-saving light bulbs throughout the hotels
  • Water-cooled air conditioning units generate an annual 40% saving of electrical energy
  • Biological cleaning systems throughout the Group with an annual water saving of 35%
  • Wastewater treatment systems that store and biologically clean water which is used to water the hotels’ gardens.

The group’s benefits from the solar farms and energy recovery amount on average to 2,500,000 Κwh/year


In 2011 our participation in the programme “Green Tourism” was approved for the complexes in Western Peloponnese, with the aim of further reducing the energy footprint.

The investment in the range of 400,000 Euros includes:

  • Installation of new infrastructure and technology aimed at saving energy (oil, electricity and liquid gas)
  • Use of new environmentally-friendly products
  • Certifications of environmental activities, based on the ISO 14001/Ecolabel standards.


We are a sea-faring nation. We love the sea; we protect our beaches and marine wealth. We receive energy, knowledge and power and in exchange, we do our best, in a collective effort with visible results. 11 years of Blue Flags All the beaches at the Group’s hotels have been awarded the Blue Flag for their cleanliness, amenities and excellent organization.



In 2011 throughout the Group we recycled: 4,000 light bulbs; 230 items of computer equipment; 12,000 kilos of cooking oil; 419 kilos of batteries; 9,000 kilos of paper; 69,500 kilos of glass.


It was in 2000 when we first created a farm for the pilot production of organic products in the grounds of the hotel Olympian Village in the Western Peloponnese. Today, after expanding our organic crops to include vines producing wine-making grapes, we meet an average 31% of our summer needs in vegetables and fruit. In 2011 the garden produce and vines were certified by the Institute for Product Inspection BioHellas. Our aim is to meet an ever increasing part of our units’ food needs for certified organically grown products, thus ensuring top-quality and exceptionally flavoursome raw materials for our guests, through good agricultural practices that do not disturb the balance of the natural environment. In 2011 the garden produce and vines were certified by the Institute for Product Inspection BioHellas.


Aldemar Royal Olympian & Olympian Village certified with ISO 14001 for environmental management. In July 2014 the two Aldemar Properties have been certified by TUV HELLAS with ISO14001- the world’s most recognized environmental management standard. For the past 15 years, Aldemar Resorts has been successfully running a many-sided CSR programme entitled “Mare Verde”, proclaiming so that sustainable development lies at the centre of its business conduct. Download : ISO 14001 Certificate