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 Vision & Mission of Aldemar Resorts


Οur goal is to become an inspiring example of sustainability leadership in the hospitality sector. We are committed to offering outstanding services within a concrete operational framework having at its core a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and a variety of sustainability practices. Our vision is to bring balance and prosperity to both our clients and the society at large.


We provide our guests supreme hospitality services by continuously investing in innovative products and ideas and by demonstrating a high level of responsibility towards people, society and the natural environment.

Aldemar Resorts business philosophy is based on the core values of integrity and excellence. These guiding principles underline everything we do; the way we serve our guests, the way we liaise with local communities and the environment, the way we treat our employees and manage our company. Our holiday philosophy is contingent on the notion of creating a “life experience”, not just a holiday memory. By offering an abundance of choices and upholding our superior standards of operation, we aspire to provide our guests with an unmatched holiday experience, worth reliving.


“Celebrate Life” we are determined to appreciate and applaud life. We are hospitable, generous and kind; in the true sense of the Greek word “philoxenia”!

Aldemar Resorts Philosophy | Resorts in Greece |


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