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Ms Kalliopi Karantemiri, Aldemar Hotels, Quality Department Μanager, in an interview for Hotels magazine answers the question:

Quality: An extravagance or a necessity in the hotel business?

Quality is a dynamic concept. As such, it is constantly being redefined and developing based on the idea that, ‘you can never be good enough’. Certainly this form of standardization cannot mean something static because the moment the operation of a unit, department or service is ‘certified’ as proper and satisfactory in terms of quality at the same time the audit method shows some new aspect requiring improvement, addition or renewal. Therefore, it is clear that neither standardization nor quality certification can be simple bureaucratic procedures (no matter how consistent they are).

The establishment and operation of a standardization system should be based on this reasoning. In other words, it should take into account a series of parameters such as the human factor (educational level, etc.), existing equipment, existing operating methods, the in-house environment and the environment the business operates in (whether physical, social, local), current challenges and existing competition, etc.

It is clear that defining these factors on its own brings a wider dimension to quality than a control system. Viewed in this perspective, the concept of quality defines the character and determines the objectives of Aldemar Hotels.

Our corporate philosophy and practice in relation to quality issues is clear: a dynamic approach to ‘standard’ standardization and evaluation procedures with a focus on substantive participation by people in the process of development (whether guests, employees or members of the local community, etc.).

To date our work has borne fruit in the following sectors:

An increase and retention of repeat guests

Higher staff retention levels

A change in employees’ outlook on work

Improvements in the services offered

Higher guest satisfaction levels

An improved tourist product

Improved financial results for the business

In conclusion, the answer to the question of to what extent quality is a necessity in hotel business is strictly dictated by the philosophy and development strategy of each and every company. For Aldemar it clearly is!



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