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For a hotel chain of the size of the ALDEMAR Group, with it's high standards of operation and human-centered policy, the role of human resources is extremely important and a first priority of the Management. Our staff enjoys excellent working conditions, ample opportunities for personal development and steady professional advancement in terms of selection processes, assessment, training and remuneration schemes based on demonstrated individual ability and achievement.

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- Continually and systematically invests in getting its personnel, irrespective of rank and seniority, the proper education. Since 1999, most employees have attended initial training seminars, post-related and refresher training sessions in keeping with the educational policy implemented by the Company.

- Establishes effective communications channels between staff and Management.

-Caters for the personnel's daily needs at their place of work (participation in decision making, redevelopment of staff designated areas etc.) and provides additonal benefits, such as access to the Blood Bank of the Group, social events and outings, a library etc.

-It publishes Aldematies, a newspaper directed at Aldemar's personnel, which serves as a platform for airing views, keeping abreast of current events and an effective communications channel for all employees.

- The Blood Bank has been in operation since 1998. It schedules blood donations and manages blood supplies. The Blood  Bank is accessible to all staff members of the Group and their first degree relatives.

- Company-owned Lending Libraries have been set up at every hotel unit covering all subjects related to the personnel's areas of activity, such as accountancy, the provision of food and services, the environment, handling and operational processes, business administration etc. All library material (books, magazines, CD, videos) are regularly updated by the Department for Human Resources.

- The ALDEMAR Group gives you the golden opportunity for a fresh, dynamic start on a fabulous career in the exceptionally promising field of Tourism, right next to the experienced professionals of the best Greek chain of hotels!




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